The Tahoe Cedars Property Owners’ Association is a non-profit organization located in Tahoma on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, California. Our purpose is to better our community, foster community spirit, and to speak as one voice for the property owners in our tract. The Association acts as a point of contact with the different organizations that provide services to the community, such as the fire department, sheriff’s office, Clean Tahoe Program, and the El Dorado County board of supervisors. The Association also organizes many events to encourage community spirit and provide assistance to its members, such as the Spring Cleanup, summer events in the park, and the Christmas Gala. We have a quarterly newsletter, the Tahoma Tattler, which keeps members up to date on current events and issues.

In order to be a full member with voting rights, you need to own property in the Tahoe Cedars Tract, which is roughly located within the boundaries of the following streets: First St, south side of Pine Street, Cedar (park boundary), east side of Tenth Avenue, and Highway 89. Associate membership is available for anyone else interested in supporting the community and staying in touch through the Tahoma Tattler.

If you live in or regularly visit Tahoma, we encourage you to join us.