Beach and Buoys

Property owners in the Tahoe Cedars Tract have a deeded easement to travel down the driveway at Water’s Edge Condos (across Hwy 89 from Pine Street) and access the beach there. If you need to take a car, you may drive to the bottom to drop off people and gear, but you will then need to park somewhere completely off the Water’s Edge driveway. The beach is still Water’s Edge property, and they have the right to enforce reasonable rules like no dogs. Please be respectful of the Water’s Edge inhabitants, managers, and rules…we want to be good neighbors with Water’s Edge, especially since we work together on the beach, buoys and pier.

Please do not leave paddle boards or kayaks on the beach when you leave for the day.

In order to comply with our state lease for the buoy field, beach/pier/buoy use cannot be part of any rental agreement. Anyone found advertising beach/pier/buoy use as part of a rental will lose their buoy field access. Renters are not allowed to access the beach, pier, or buoys.

Our association controls twenty-one buoys in the buoy field located off the shore at Water’s Edge Condos and helps maintain the pier for member use. The buoys may be reserved by any homeowner member for up to three weeks (or more as demand permits). Reservations begin March 1 and are taken on a first come, first serve basis. The only way to make reservations and check availability is through the online system in our members area.

For all questions, please call the Buoy Administrator, Bob Millslagle, at ‭(530) 525-2181‬.

Beach Rules – Please Read!

In 1989, the Tri-Association adopted the following rules to insure that our beach and pier are clean, safe and enjoyable to everyone entitled to use them. We ask that you observe them while visiting our beach.

1. No glass allowed on the beach or pier
2. No defacing the pier
3. No running on the pier
4. No fishing from the swimming side of the pier while people are in the swimming area
5. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
6. No diving.
7. No littering. Take your trash with you.
8. No cigarette butts in the sand.
9. No beer kegs.
11. No throwing rocks.
12. Do not feed the waterfowl.
13. Speed limit in the buoy field or within 300 feet of swim area is 5 MPH.,
14. Docking at the pier is limited to 10 minutes for loading and unloading only.
15. Beach closes at 10 p.m.